Registry Disclaimer

Use of the Utah White Collar Crime Offender Registry is restricted by state law. By using this Registry, you agree to the following:

(A) The information contained on the website is obtained from public records and the attorney general does not guarantee the website’s accuracy or completeness;

(B) members of the public are not allowed to use the information to harass or threaten offenders or members of their families; and

(C) harassment, stalking, or making threats against offenders or their families is prohibited and may violate Utah criminal laws.

Harassment is defined as “any action that is designed to intimidate, humiliate, coerce, or threaten an individual, including stalking an individual.” Persons who use the Registry are prohibited from harassing any Offender listed on the Registry, or any person related to any Offender. Persons who use the Registry are also prohibited from engaging in indirect harassing behavior against an Offender through harassing contact with any person who employs any Offender, any person who provides housing to any Offender, or any person who is a religious or spiritual advisor to any Offender. For example, a person using the Registry may not coerce or threaten a landlord in an effort to cause the landlord to cease renting to an Offender. However, it is not harassment for a person who uses the Registry to accurately inform any person that an Offender is listed on the Registry, or to provide information on the Registry to any person. It is not harassment for a person who uses the Registry to suggest, advise, or recommend to any person that they not invest money with an Offender, or that they take action to recover money they may have invested with an Offender.

The Registry only includes persons convicted in Utah State Courts of a limited list of second degree felonies. Persons who are convicted in any federal court, or who are only convicted of other felonies, or of third degree felonies or misdemeanors, will not appear on the Registry. The absence of an individual from the Registry does not indicate that the individual is trustworthy, or that an investment proposed by the individual is legitimate and suitable for any particular investor. Learn the warning signs of fraud, and consult with your legal, financial, and tax advisors before investing.